Upcycled Fabric Shopper Bag



Our upcycle fabric shopping “bags for life” are made from bags that are branded on one side. we take the unbranded side of 2 bags and sew them together.

These bags can be easily folded up and kept on hand for easy use.

Reusable shopping bags are a perfect example of simple actions that can have a big impact.

The environmental impacts of single use plastics has lead to the introduction of new legislation and levies to reduce plastic waste across Africa and indeed the world. Commendably, many South African retailers now have ‘no plastic bag’ policies or promote the use of reusable bags. Individuals are also becoming more aware of their personal consumer impacts and are making efforts to go “Zero Waste”.

At the same time, the fashion and textile industry is responsible for producing 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. People often don’t stop to consider the environmental impacts of fabric waste, which often contain toxins and further pollute the environment when sent to landfill.

By using our upcycled fabric shopping bags you are not only reducing single plastic production and waste, but also reducing fabric waste to landfill and the lead on impacts these processes have.

These upcycled shopping bags make great circular economy gifts, gift bags or conference bags and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Due to the upcycled nature of the materials, each one is unique. However, should you have specific  design or color requirements please contact us so we can meet your needs.

Please note all prices shown on the site are on an indication basis and subject to size, design and quantity.



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