These are stunning hair scrunchies made from fabric offcuts by our community ladies



Our beautiful hair scrunchies are hand made by our sewing community in swaneville that is headed up by our Amazing Bongi (you can read more about her and her projects in the about section of our website)

These scrunchies are made with ‘scrap’ fabric donated by our amazing supporters, therefore, we do not necessarily have the same colours or patterns, but each scrunchie is just as beautiful as the pictures advertized, and made with so much passion and love.

We are also able to custom make scrunchies to your specifications, bring your own fabric and we can make you and your kids a scrunchie and a mask to match!

Bulk orders welcome.

Benefits of switching to scrunchies instead of using hair ties:

Say goodbye to those too tight headaches, scrunchies are much more delicate on your head so they cannot pull your hair too tight causing headaches.

They don’t cause any breakage, scrunchies are far softer on your hair.

They don’t leave kinks from tying your hair up all day.

Scrunchies are softer on your hair, but they also hold a lot more hair making them stronger than normal hair ties. You don’t have to worry about them snapping just as you get the perfect ponytail!

These beautiful scrunchies are also much harder to lose because of their size and stunning colours.

You can also sleep in these scrunchies to prevent your hair from getting full of knots, they are easy to pull out and do not get tangled in your hair when you take them out, we can also make them in silk fabric for sleeping.

We have such beautiful colours they are not just an accessory they can be the star of your selfies and the headline of your outfit.


order yours now and support this amazing Eco friendly cause and these wonderful sewing ladies!



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