Recycled Fabric Cushion Covers



Transforming Fabric Offcuts into Stunning Cushion Covers!

Are you tired of the constant cycle of buying new decor items to keep up with ever-changing trends? Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment while adding a touch of personal expression to your space? Look no further than Upcycle!

Express Yourself through Sustainable Design: Creating your home or office space should be a joyful experience, reflecting your unique personality and style. At Upcycle, we believe that true beauty lies in sustainability. We’ve made it our mission to repurpose fabric offcuts into exquisite cushion covers, giving your space a fresh, eco-friendly makeover.

Reduce Fabric Waste, Embrace Sustainability: In today’s world, the fast-paced decor industry generates an alarming amount of fabric waste that often ends up in landfills. We’re here to change that. Upcycle collects and upcycles fabric offcuts to craft simple yet visually stunning cushion covers, reducing waste and conserving our planet’s resources.

Customized Creations Just for You: Whether you have fabric offcuts from your own projects or need a tailor-made solution, we’ve got you covered. Upcycle offers a range of size and style options to match your preferences and needs. We’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Contact Winnie for Personalized Assistance: Have questions or want to discuss your specific requirements? Reach out to our dedicated expert, Winnie, at She’s here to guide you through the process and help you create the perfect cushion covers for your space.

Transparent Pricing: Please note that the prices displayed on our website are indicative and subject to size, design, and quantity. We offer competitive pricing that reflects the unique nature of your project, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Join us in making a difference in the world of decor by choosing sustainable, upcycled cushion covers from Upcycle. Together, we can create beautiful spaces while protecting our planet for future generations.

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If you would like to know what Upcycle as a company does and the way we help divert waste from landfill we would love for you to read more about us HERE 

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