Fabric Shopping Bag for Life



Be your fabulous self with these fabric face shopping ‘bags for life’.

Made from fabric advertising banners, these shopping bags are both functional and durable and more eco-friendly then plastic bags. They are ideal for shopping bags and can be folded up and stored in the car or handbag.

Reducing your plastic bag waste is a simple yet effective way of reducing your individual waste production, and they also make glamourous gifts!

The nature of this fabric and the fact that it normally has corporate branding on, the only solutions currently for this material is to landfill it. Upcycle have taught communities how to sew and they are now making a living for themselves buy making these bags.

There is a lot of billboard banner material out there, the sources are not only from misprints but also from where a campaign has come to a end. To prevent this from just entering landfill we turn them into various items such as shopping bags.

Standard size is – 35cm x 45cm no gusset

Due to the upcycled nature of the materials, each one is unique. However, should you have custom design or colour requirements please contact us so we can meet your needs.

Please note all prices shown on the site are on an indication basis and subject to size, design and quantity.

For more information or to discuss your organizations needs contact winnie@upcycle.co.za


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